LED Cannulas Charger/Infrared Emitter/Insertion tool

LED Cannulas

LED cannula


model: TeleLC-c-l-d

Single cannula. Hard enough for insertion without a guide.

LED probe


model: TeleLP-c

LED without cannula.For brain surface stimulation.

Two color LED cannula


model: TeleLCT-c/c-l

Two 250?m cannulas are bundled like one cannula.


Bilateral LED cannula


model: TeleLCD-c-l-d-i

For bilateral stimulation. Specify interval.

LED Ferrule


model: TeleLCD-c/c

Two color version of the LED probe.


model: TeleLF-c-d-f

Universal ferrule for connection with ferruled cannula. (e.g. from Doric Lenses / Thorlabs)

Note: how to identify specifications from the model number:

c: color. B (blue 470nm) / G (green 525nm) / Y (yellow 590nm) / R (red 630nm) ... for other colors please contact us.

l: Length. Specify in mm. d: Fiber diameter. 250 (?250?m) / 500 (?500?m) / 750 (?750nm)

i: Fiber interval. Specify in mm.

f: Ferrule OD (LED ferrule only). 1.25mm / 2.5mm

-Glass: Glass fiber instead of the regular plastic fiber. Only available for ?250?m fiber.