Teleopto PG

Teleopto PG

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Programmable Teleopto

If you want to optogenetically stimulate long term with fixed stimulation period, the infrared communication in regular Teleopto consumes electrical current and limits the battery life. To avoid this, we implemented a non-volatile memory in the receiver for storing stimulation pattern in advance, thus infrared communication is not required and the battery life is significantly extended. This is the Teleopto PG. It consists of a receiver, a programmer and a software. Before starting experiment, you can program the internal memory by connecting the receiver to the programmer, designing the following parameters in the software - Period, Pulse Width, Pulse Interval, Number of Pulses, Repeat Interval and Number of Repeats. The receiver can retain the parameters even though the power switch is turned off, starts the programmed stimulation each time it is turned on. The regular Teleopto cannulas are compatible with the TeleoptoPG.

- Internal memory retains the programmed stimulation pattern

- 100 days of standby time (50 times longer than regular Teleopto)

- Suitable for long term stimulation with fixed period

Teleopto PG Software

TeleoptoPG-set contents:

TelePGR 1x TeleoptoPG Receiver

TelePGP 1x TeleoptoPG Programmer

TeleCharger 1x Teleopto Charger

TeleTool 1x Insertion Tool

TeleDummy 1x Dummy Receiver

3x any Teleopto cannula

1x TeleoptoPG Software

Model Descriptions
TeleoptoPG-set TeleoptoPG Standard Set
TelePGR TeleoptoPG Receiver
TelePGP TeleoptoPG Programmer